Where's Nigel

(Gabi has no idea where Nigel is.)

It was 8:00 at night, Nigel was thinking of an evil plan until Gabi showed up. Nigel was going to tell Gabi the evil plan, but it is too late. It was only 8:00. Why is Nigel so tired? The next morning, at 9:00, Nigel wakes up, and does not feel good. Meanwhile outside, the blue macaws are having a great time. Nigel is not after them. Gabi shows up and she wonders where Nigel is. "Poison frog!!!" Said Blu. Gabi decides to leave. It is now 6:00 pm, Gabi looked all day for her good friend Nigel. So she decides to go to his hideout. Which is actually his house, but he likes to call it his hideout. When she enters, she sees Nigel as a complete mess. Gabi wonders why Nigel looks like a mess. The reason why he looks like a mess is because Nigel caught a cold over night. He realizes that he is supposed to spy on the blue macaws, but he's too sick. Gabi decides to spy. Back in Blu and Jewel's house, Blu, and his family are getting ready to go to sleep, Gabi sneaks in and starts spying. Exactly 5 minutes later, Gabi starts getting bored so what does she do? She starts singing her songs and since her voice sounds like Kristin Chenoweth, she starts sing Kristin Chenoweth songs. The only problem is that Gabi's singing is keeping Jewel up all night. The next day, Jewel starts acting crazy and the kids have no idea what is happening. Meanwhile at Nigel's hideout, Gabi confesses that she got distracted and started singing her songs. "And then Jewel closed the window because I woke her up. So what's the evil plan?" She said. Nigel, too sick to know what's going on, had no idea what the evil plan was. So then Gabi tries to see if Nigel has a fever, but she can't touch him. Back outside, Blu told Rafael and Pedro about Nigel's illness. Nico was not there because he went to Nigel's hideout and took a picture of him. Later that day, Blu told Jewel that there's a singer named Kristin Chenoweth and then Blu finds out that Gabi was singing. In the end, Gabi decides to take care of Nigel until Nigel feels better. The End!

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