This is episode 1 of the Rio Guy TV series and is the first one in canon. The episode is rated TV-14-L.

Story Edit

One day, Meg was about to go to prom, but her boyfriend, Tommy had to bail on her because he had to go to the doctor for squeezing his testicles with a nutcracker. He never was all that bright. Anyway, Meg was thinking about who she could take as a date. Meg was in her room crying and Blu and Jewel's boy, Tiago flew in and said

"You could take me as a date?"

"I'm flattered. But your a bird, okay!?".

"Lois and Brian got married one time and also, Gabi is love with a fricken bird. That is the how the Seth McFarlane Multiverse works".

"Okay, I'll take you to prom. If it's okay with Blu and Jewel," Meg said.

"Yeah, they're okay with it," Tiago said.

Brian was in the other room trying to come up with ideas for a bestselling book.

"A writer who buys a magic typewriter but it turns out the typewriter is racist. Yeah, that's a good idea! I deserve some banana bread," Brian said. Then he turned on the radio and started listening to the Beatles song "Paperback Writer" on loop, it helps him come up with ideas. Then Blu's girls, Bia and Carla walked in and told Brian that they really like his idea.  Then Brian turned on the news and saw that iCarly and Victorious creator Dan Schneider is going to be at the local library where he will sign your books and you can eat ice cream with him afterwards, if you're lucky. It also said that Gepetto was recently arrested for shoving his hand up Pinnochio's butt. I guess that makes him a Gepettophile. Anyway, Carla and Bia were really exciting about meeting Dan Schneider because they've watched iCarly and Victorious since they were little. Tiago watches the shows with them, but I have a feeling he watches them just because he thinks the girls are cute. So Brian drove them down to the library as they listened to The Beatles on the radio.

"Hey Brian, you wanna go meet some bitches?" Carla asked

"CARLA! You watch your DAMN language in my car, okay!?" Brian said.

"What, it just means female dogs," Carla said trying not to laugh.

Bia then started laughing with her. Meanwhile at home, Gabi overheard that Meg was going to prom with Tiago. Considering she is a very proper lady and Meg is kind of a tomboy, she wanted to teach Meg how to be lady-like. After eating a plate of Women's Food that is.

So Gabi knocked on Meg's door and told her that she is going to train her to be a lady. Cue the song Eye of the Tiger.

"First, remember farts are no laughing matter!" Gabi said and then farted three times in a row.

Meg couldn't help but laugh.

"Next to be a lady you must not laugh at smart things that sound dirty but aren't," Gabi told Meg.

"Ballzac. Homo Erectus. Spotted Dick," Gabi said.

Every time Meg would crack up.

"Finally, you have to hate Jarjar Binks, just like everyone else in the world!" Gabi said.

"I've already got that covered," Meg said.

Meanwhile at the library, many other celebrities including Gigi Edgley, Jim Cummings, even first lady Michelle Obama were there, but Bia and Carla just wanted to meet Dan Schneider. She had never seen him before so when she saw him Carla said.

"That's Dan Schneider, Huh, his name should be Damn Schneider!"

"You shouldn't make fun of someone because of their weight, Carla and by the way your the chubbiest chick in your family!" Brian said.

'Wow, your so wise!" Carla said.

"Before I say something I always think, would Dr. King approve of what I'm about to say. Most of the time I find that he would!" Brian said.

Then they met Dan Schneider and said

"Hi we're big fans of iCarly!"

"I actually prefer Jessie!" Brian said

"Shush!" Bia whispered as she nudged Brian.

"I'm having some sushi and California ice cream, would you girls like to eat with me?" Dan asked Bia and Carla.

"SURE!" they both yelled.

"Wait, can I come?" Brian asked.

"I don't like Seth McFarlane," Dan told Brian.

So Brian waited outside of Sushi Rox texting Lois funny jokes on his pear phone.

"What did the hillbilly call the deer with no eyes?" No eye deer!" Brian texted.

Meanwhile Meg was ready to take Tiago to prom with her. So she called her best friend Bill Nye the Science Guy to drive them in his fancy limo. I hear that guy's a billionaire. Anyway, when she got to prom her friends Louise, Tina, Mabel, Carol, and Yuna were all there.

"Hi everybody, this is my boyfriend Tiago!" Meg said.

"Awh, he's so cute. Much cuter than my boyfriend:the Evil Monkey," Louise said.

"Why did you take a monkey?" Meg asked confusingly.

"Why did you take a bird?" Louise asked Meg.

"I mean he likes bananas and when I was little my favorite show was Bananas in Pajamas. If that's not a match made in Heaven, what is?" Louise said.

So Meg and Tiago danced to the Michael Jackson song Thriller. Everybody was dancing, even Principal Ned Flanders. But then Tiago fell into the punch bowl!

"Oh my---!"

"You better say gosh after that, missy!" Principal Ned shouted.

"Okay fine. Oh my gosh, Tiago, are you okay!?" Meg asked.

But then he got up and started singing

"Everybody do the flop!" and everybody was chanting "Do the flop! Do the flop! Do the flop!" and Tiago flipped over and did the ultimate flop dance. He must've been okay to do that. Then the slow song came on and he took Meg's hand and started dancing with her.

"Doesn't this remind you of those skits on The Muppet Show where they dance and tell jokes?" Tiago asked Meg.

"Yeah, it kinda does!" Meg said and her and Tiago kissed. Then afterwards, they went out to eat at a little 50s-style restaraunt Shell's.

"You know what Tiago, I really had fun!" Meg said.

"I did too, Megan!" Tiago said.

'I'm sorry but my name's not Megan. It's Megatron, my Dad was a huge Transformers nerd back in the 80s," Meg said.

"I like Transformers, too. But mostly because of Megan Fox," Tiago said.

"Tiago, you dirty birdie!" Meg shouted playfully and they had a great time.