The Adventures of Linda Gunderson
The Adventures of Linda Gunderson


Musical sitcom
Adult animation


Computer-animated television series

Created by

Chris Wedge

Voices of

Leslie Mann
Rodrigo Santoro
Bruno Mars
John Goodman
Clive Owen
Liam Neeson
Will Arnett
Jamie Foxx
George Lopez
Jake T. Austin
Jemaine Clement
Anne Hathaway
Tom Cruise
Justin Long
Adam Young
Charles Martinet

Opening theme

"I'm Linda Gunderson" performed by Faith Hill featuring Owl City & Quavo

Country of origin

United States
United Kingdom

Production company(s)

Blue Sky Studios
20th Century Fox Television

Audio format

Dolby Digital 5.1



Original channel


The Adventures of Linda Gunderson is an upcoming American adult CG-animated sitcom and a spin-off of Rio and RCT films. The characters from Rio films such as Blu and Jewel don't appear in the spin-off. Only Nigel, Nico, Pedro, Rafael, Mario and Luigi appeared. This series follows the adventures of a slender woman named Linda Gunderson who lived in the magical city of Rio de Janeiro.

This series take place in the continuity of the franchise.

Theme Song lyricsEdit

Yeeeeeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeaaah!

I'm Linda Gunderson.
I'm a slender woman in Brazil.
I love to hangout with my guys.
And everyone are very, very crazy about me.

Male Chorus: Ooooooh! She's Linda Gunderson!

Owl City : Ooooooh crap! She’s Linda Gunderson!

I was born in Minnesota in a mystical Eagle Mountain.
After 15 years, I fly to a magical Rio de Janeiro and became a TV star.
The broadcast waves, beams and rays cast near and far.
And now everybody knows me as the most famous Brazilian Goddess!

Quavo : Ooooooh crap! She’s a TV Star on this day when we get to Minnesota when I’m a kid!

Male Chorus: Ooooooh! She's Linda Gunderson!

Da, da, da, da, da, da-da, da, da.
Da, da-da-da, Daaaaaaaaaa.
Ooooooooooh, yeeeeeaaaah!

Linda, Owl City, Quavo, Male Chorus: Ooooooooooooh!

Come out and play,
We can make you our day,
We can take over the world.
For you, you, you, you, you.
And absolutely, You-ou-ou-ou!

Owl City (Kendrick Lamar) raps:
Ooooooooooh crap!
Where the freak are your birds,
I can’t believe this place,
And I don’t really care if you have a macaws

Male Chorus:
She's Linda Gunderson!
She's Linda Gunderson!
She's Linda Gunderson!

Both Owl City & Quavo : Ooooooooh, crap!

Linda: That's me!

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes First aired Last aired


Season 1Edit

No. in
1 1 Linda meets Tulio
2 2 Bookstore in Store
3 3 Forgotten Memories
4 4 Married Life
5 5 Miller wants Brazil
6 6 Meeting Fernando
7 7 New Year in Brazil