Rio 3:Around The World was a TV-movie sequel to 2011 Rio and Rio 2 the TV-Movie-special was released on December 12 2014 in the USA and July 18 2014 in the UK also the voice actors also returned from the films New characters will be voiced by Britney Spears Liam Neeson Clive Owen Ernie Iglesias Michael Caine Dr Dre and Jeff Dunham.

|Box title = Rio 3:Around The World|Row 1 title = directed By|Row 1 info = Carlos Saldanha|Row 2 title = Produced by|Row 2 Info = Bruce Anderson
Don Rhymer
Chris Wedge|Row 3 title = Starring|Row 3 info = Jesse Eisenberg
Anne Hathaway
Jemaine Clement
Kristin Chenoweth
Bruno Mars
Liam Neeson
Nicki Manjai
Leslie Mann|Row 4 title = Music By|Row 4 info = John Powell|Row 4 title = Soundtrack by|Row 4 info =
Bruno Mars
Nicki Manjai
Jamie Foxx
Anne Hathaway
Rorigo Santoro
Leslie Mann


  • Blu and Jewels kids were going on a another journey to London and the Amazon but things get changed when Linda and Tulio were married with her four kids Linda meets her long lost father and her uncle. Linda's ex-boyfriend Jim who stirs up Tulio's jealousy.



  • Jesse Esienberg:Blu a male Spix's Macaw
  • Anne Hathaway:Jewel a female Spix's Macaws
  • George Lopez:Rafael a toucan
  • Will I Am:Pedro a cardinal
  • Jamie Foxx:Nico a yellow canary
  • Tracy Morgan:Luiz a bulldog
  • Jemaine Clement:Nigel a suphulr crested cockatoo
  • Bebel Gilberto:Eva a toucan
  • Andy Garcia:Eduardo Jewels father
  • Bruno Mars:Roberto Jewels childhood father
  • Kristin Chenoweth:Gabi a dart frog
  • Rita Moreno:Mimi Jewels aunt
  • Rachel Crow:Clara
  • Amanda Stelberg:Bia
  • Perice Gagnon:Tiago
  • Liam Neeson:Luz de verde A green Spix's Macaws
  • Michael Caine:Vitor Blu's uncle who plays with Bia Clara and Tiago
  • Britney Spears:Robyn a pink-red-purple-yellow cardinal is Pedro's Girlfriend
  • Jeff Dunham:Raztaren a pink and stretched out haired Spix Macaws
  • Dr Dre:Gordon a mysterious Macaw who is Vitors brother who hates macaws
  • Garbiel Iglesias:Bobby a red popadoedsea-Grezen bird who is teaming up with Blu
  • Elizabeth Banks:Mana Jewels mother
  • Joan Plowright:Nomaie Nicos granny
  • Nicki Manjai:Sazarnr a Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Pink and a purple Macaw who is Blu's bad sister
  • Drake:Stacy Blu's another cousin who is a team of M.A.C.A.W.S
  • David Wills:Daniel a colourful Toucan



  • 1 Real in Rio-Anne Hathaway Will I am Jamie Foxx Bruno Mars Andy Garcia and George Lopez
  • 2 I like to Samba SAMBA-Will I am Jamie Foxx
  • 3 Having a Wonderful dream-Willow Smith
  • 4 Lets Celebrate/Pop-Pop/Samba Rules-Andy Garcia Nicki Manjai Will I Am
  • 5 Welcome Back(version)-Ernie Iglesias
  • 6 The Devil and the rubber dart-Jemaine Clement Kristin Chenoweth
  • 7 What is Love-Janelle Monae Rodrigo Santoro Leslie Mann

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