Move to the Jungle

(Blu, his family, & his friends move to the jungle.)

Blu, and his kids start making breakfast until Jewel finds out what they are up to. "Blu, we talked about this." said Jewel. After Tiago caught a pancake, Jewel decided to go to the jungle. "Pack your things guys! We're going to the Amazon!" Blu flew out of his house & talked to his good friends. Rafael, Nico,Eva and Pedro. Rafael decided to join Blu in the amazon journey. "Don't worry buddy, I got your back."and Eva joined in the action as well."Don't worry my best friend in the universe,I'll protect you from any scary spiders or deadly bees with my karate skills! hiya!" Rafeal said to Eva "Ada girl! Protect your best friend at all times!".Back at Blu and Jewel's house, Blu was getting ready and he put his fanny pack on. Nico and Pedro also wanted to join in the fun. So the 5 macaws, Rafael, Nico,Eva and Pedro left the macaw house. Luiz wanted to join, but since he couldn't fly, he couldn't catch up to the birds. About 5 hours later, the birds made it to the jungle. "Okay here's the jungle. Now lets go home." Said Blu. The birds just got there. Jewel, Nico,Eva and Pedro went flying around to find a tree to live in, but most of the trees there were taken. A green bird named Holly already took the house that Jewel was looking at and a red bird named Jeff took the house that Nico and Pedro were looking at and A pink bird named pinky took the house that Eva was looking at and Eva noticed that pinky was her cousin.Eva said to pinky "Hey cousin! how's it going for yay?".Pinky said to Eva "Everything is cool and rocking girlfriend!".Eva said to her friends "Yahoo! Alright! Eva power! Hahaha! Yeah!".Nico and Pedro said to Rafeal "Rafie! Your wife has a cousin?!".Rafeal said "I didn't know that my sweet mango has a cousin you guys!".Eva said to Rafeal "Rafie! I told you one million times that I have a cousin! How much longer do I have to repeat myself!?".Then Jewel found an empty tree that her family and her friends can live in. At night, everyone was asleep until Blu kept having nightmares because of Eva pranking him the entire night. The next day, Jewel told Blu that this is where she should live. So Blu must listen to Jewel. Happy wife, happy life.

The End

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