Marco is a light blue colored macaw and a me,bee of the galaxy warriors. He was the one who helped gary escape his troubles and is his bird brother.

Biography Edit

Marco was born in the center of the rainforest, where he enjoyed his family and joined every tradition. But all hope was lost until he was taken away by hunters.

But then a few bird warriors saves him and his family and spared them. He also then was seen flying into a window and into a pizzeria where he found Gary, a greyhound who needed to get out of that hellhole (I don't even know if that's a bad word or not).

He then found him again and they became members together.

Appearance Edit

Marco is just a light blue macaw, nothing to it.

Personality Edit

Marco is always thankful for people helping him and he also seems to enjoys wild fiestas. He is also blood born and is always born ready.

Relationships Edit

Gary greyhound Edit

They find each other as brothers and members of the Galaxy warriors after Marco had saved him from his troubles at his old job.

Trivia Edit

  • Marco is known to be a little abusive towards orbit the shiny magical eevee.

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