Luiz appeared in the short clip:"Show me what Carnaval means to you!"

When Blu,Pedro,Nico,and Eva were at the carnaval show,Nico said,"This carnaval show is going to be awesome! Right guys?".Blu and Pedro agreed,but Eva said,"What in the world is carnaval?!".Nico said to Eva,"Girl! It's one of the best traditions ever in Rio! You're going to love it! Trust me!".Eva said,"Hmm...if you show me what carnaval means to you,maybe I'll have a good time with you guys in return!".Blu,Pedro,and Nico said to Eva,"We'll do it!".Nico said,"You're going to have a awesome time here Eva! because Luiz will help out tonight! Yo Luiz! Get over and met a new friend that needs understand what carnaval means!".Eva said,"ugh! What the heck do you guys mean!".Luiz said to Eva that he will tell Eva why carnaval is the best tradition ever and the clip starts with Luiz and his best friends walking into the carnaval show And the song carnaval is great starts to play in the background.After Luiz told Eva what carnaval means to him, the song ends and Eva said she gets it now. The clip ends with Eva and her friends samba dancing to the carnaval beat.