Linda Gunderson is Blu's owner in Rio Rio 2 and Rio 3. She is also the main hero in a sitcom, The Adventures of Linda Gunderson and Rio film series. She is serves as the personal female horse driver to the Chipmunks and the Chipettes.

Linda He was voiced by Leslie Mann, who also played Patty Peterson from Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Sandra Babcock from ParaNorman, Robin Harris from The Cable Guy, and Nicky from The 40-Year-Old Virgin,


Linda is first seen as a little girl she kept Blu for 15 years She meets Tulio and goes to Rio De Jenerio to meet Jewel When Blu is kidnapped. Linda goes to find him and save the one she loves.

Rio 2Edit

Linda is now 27 years old. She talks to Tulio about the macaws went to Owen Tucker.Linda sees Owen that he might be his uncle. She wasn't seen again in the film. She is seen with Tulio and Fernando enjoy a Married life for a couple.

Rio 3Edit

Linda is now 30 years old enjoying Fernando's birthday. She talks to Tulio asking to be married. She learns that the birds are taking care of Blu. Linda is seen having a married couple at the end of the film.

The Adventures of Linda GundersonEdit

Linda Gunderson spends her life and her entire adventures in the magical city of Rio de Janeiro.