Gem of the Forest


Blu, Crilla, Azul The First, Crystal, Rafael, Pedro, Nico, Antonio, Ricardo, Henri, Sofia, Javier, Dia, Luiz, Gusty, Buster, Kinski, Rose, Sparkie, Franklin, Emily, Jane, Marlo, Violet, Sam, Roger, Jacob, Greta, Hannah, Wayne, Ray, Ethan, Kenneth, Gavin, Patrick, Nigel (currently), Linda, Tulio, Fernando, Sean Wilson, Lena Murphy, Dwight Scott (currently), Mario, Luigi


Rodrigo, Jacques Mintz, Russell Cheever, Willy Davidson, Harlen Tulley, Oskar Nathanson,Owen Tucker, Sgt. Robert Trippe, Dylan Lane, Robin, Jerry, Dwight Scott (formerly), Nigel, Bowser

Voice Actor:

Anne Hathaway
Mia Talerico (as young Jewel)


Blu (Husband)
Crilla (Cousin-in-law)
Eduardo (Father)
Dia (Mother)
Rafael (Friend)
Tulio (Jewel's Caretaker) Carla Bia And Tiago(Children)
Mario & Luigi (Brothers In Law)

Eye color:


Feather color:

Light blue


When it is discovered that Jewel is the last female of her kind, she is taken to Tulio Montero's aviary, to await the only male of the species, Blu. Jewel attacks Blu when she first sees him, before realizing that he looks like her. She leads him to find an escape route, but he unknowingly attempts to kiss her. Outraged, Jewel attacks Blu. Later, while trying to escape, she is captured by a boy named Fernando, who takes her and Blu to a band of three poachers, who chain the duo together. Forced to move on foot, they barely manage to escape the poacher's pet Cockatoo named Nigel in their horse forms, and head into the jungle.

The next morning, Blu and Jewel try to get the chain off with one of Blu's ideas, which went horribly wrong when the rope vine got stuck on Blu's beak. They then meet Rafael, who offers to take them to see his friend Luiz to remove the chain. Jewel and Rafael try to help Blu fly, but they failed to make Blu fly, and they crash onto the beach below. Making their way into town, they meet Pedro and Nico, who, having given Blu romantic advice the day before, assume that it worked, to her annoyance. Informed that they have just missed the tram that would take them to Luiz, Jewel and Blu are taken to a birds' samba club. Inspired by the music, Blu starts to dance, which impresses Jewel. Jewel dances a beautiful duet with Blu, and just as it seems as if they will kiss, they are accosted by a band of marmosets, hired by Nigel to find them. A battle ensues, with Jewel and Blu working together to beat some of the marmosets. As the tram arrives, they are given a lift there by Kipo.

On the tram, Jewel and Blu share some awkward, near-romantic moments. When they arrive, Jewel is surprised to learn that Luiz is a bulldog. Luiz tries to saw through the chain, but in the ensuing chaos, accidentally lubricates Jewel and Blu's feet with his drool, freeing them. Jewel is overjoyed to be able to fly, but spots Blu trying to leave. She asks him to stay, but he tells her he can't spend the rest of his life walking around after her. Angered, Jewel responds by telling him it's not her fault he can't fly. Blu retaliates by claiming to hate samba. Incensed, Jewel says "See you round, pet!" and leaves. As she tearfully flies away, she is captured by Nigel and used as bait to lure Blu to the poachers. The trap works, and Jewel, Blu and their friends are loaded into the poachers' plane, which takes off.

During the flight, Blu escapes, frees Jewel, and together they free the others. The birds fly out of the plane, except for Jewel, who knows Blu is still scared to fly. As she tries to comfort him, he is pinned by Nigel. Jewel tries to help, but is knocked into the plane's wall, causing a cage to fall on her wing, injuring her. After Blu gets rid of Nigel, Jewel falls out of the plane, and Blu jumps after her. Jewel calls Blu crazy for coming after her, but after hearing him say that he won't let her go, she kisses him. The kiss awakens the rhythm of Blu's heart, finally enabling him to fly. Blu flies Jewel to Linda and Tulio, who attempt to tend to her wing. Jewel, still distrustful of humans, is wary, but Blu convinces her to let Tulio help. Some time later, a fully healed Jewel is released into the wild, joined by Blu. They make their home in the jungle, raising their three chicks together. In Alvin and the Chipmunks: Trouble in Rio de Janeiro, when Jeanette Miller (Anna Faris) turned her into a horse, she wears a light blue feather headdress that replacing her light blue crest feather and light blue saddle on her back. Most importantly, when she transformed into a horse, she grew a horse tail that replacing her light blue tail feathers and horse hooves that replacing her feet. When the spell breaks at dawn, she was eventually turned back to normal.


Jewel is initially fiercely independent, with a love of flying free, she has a funky attitude, and thinks a lot about escaping and flying than anything else. She is very mistrustful of humans (badly scratching one of Tulio's assistants) and doesn't think much of the "pet" bird Blu. After their duet at the samba club however, she warms up to Blu considerably. When he jumps out of the poacher's plane after her, she is touched to the point of kissing him passionately. With encouragement from Blu, she seems to overcome her distrust of humans, allowing Tulio to tend to her injury. Stubborn and focusing on her own ideas Jewel's the kind of spunky girl who likes what she likes, thinks what she thinks, and acts far before realizing what she's got herself into she is a hard to get gal from the points of Blu's view. Despite her sarcasm she is a beautiful exotic gem, and has a softer and more understanding side shown when she feels that someones feelings have been hurt and not from some sarcastic comment. Overall, Jewel has a split-personality: a hard selfish side, and a sweet, understanding side which just might be the true Jewel.

Appearance As A Human Edit

As A Human.She Wears A Light Blue Midriff Shirt That Widely Exposes Her Belly Button (She Has A Light Blue Jewel Pierced To Her Navel Referring To Her Name) And Shows Off Her Cleavage.She Also Wears A Blue Pants And A Womens Belt And She Has A Brown Hair And She Also Wears High Heeled Shoes.


  • She is Spix's Macaw.
  • She is born in 1997.