This is the episode four of Rio Guy and also the fourth in canon. This episode is rated TV-PG-VL.

Story Edit

One day, Carla, Bia, and Brian were playing EverQuest over the Internet. Carla was in her room, Bia was in the kitchen, and Brian was in the bathroom. But they could still slay dragons together online. Carla then told Jewel all about the game and she got suspicious that Brian was teaching them witchcraft. So she made her own account and got addicted to the game almost 5 minutes into playing. She fought dragons, goblins, ogres, and everything else. Meanwhile, Carla was at bird school telling her girlfriends about her 16th birthday party. Their names are Lisa, Sandy, Lilo, and Candace. Carla also had a crush on a boy named Timmy Presto Jr. who likes zombies and horses just like her.

"Man, I would love to just talk to him?" Carla said.

"I'm sure he'll be your girlfriend. He's a big a fan of Family Guy and you LIVE with the Griffins," Lisa said.

"You know what, your right," Carla said and walked up to Timmy and said,

"Would you like to meet Stewie? Then maybe we could go on a date,"

"Sure, I'd like to meet everyone I like..... and Meg," Timmy said.

"You don't like Meg either?" Carla asked.

"Nope, she gets my nerves,"

"I know right, I'd rather have the power to turn anything into Robin Williams then hang out with THAT girl and I live with her," Carla said.

"Wow, it's good to know that there's another Family Guy fan at this school. Although, I do hear Principal Mordecai wears Stewie jammies every night when he goes to bed. Anyway, you can call me ANY time you like," Timmy told Carla.

The next day, Brian and Jewel were playing EverQuest and the power went out, then all of a sudden they got sucked into the game!

"Wow, I'm in the world of Norrath. This is so cool I can slay dragons, fight ogres, and drink dog ale," Brian said.

"I thought it was called dog beer?" Jewel asked.

"No, you see, Matt and Dalton's ancestors made Dog Ale before there was such a thing as beer," Brian told Jewel.

"Oh, I see!" Jewel said and they ran into a HUGE skeleton army. Brian pulled out a bronze dagger, man, I'm nerdy and started chopped all the skeletons in half.

"Does this give you a boner?" Jewel asked Brian.

"No, but that girl on the loading screen sure does," Brian told Jewel.

Jewel then casted an explode spell and all of the skeletons blew up into a million pieces.

"This game promotes teamwork and family fun. I don't get why religious groups protested against it," Jewel said.

"Yeah, I know. When I went to Springfield there was this uber religious guy named Ned Flanders who wouldn't even let his kids watch Clarence because Jeff has two moms. I'm not bashing on religion, I'm actually a Catholic beagle," Brian said.

"That's cool, Me and my family are Catholic, too" Jewel said.

"Wow, were both very nice creatures who are against things like swearing and drinking," Brian said.

"You wanna go get wasted at the bar?" Brian asked.

"H@LL YEAH!" Jewel shouted.

Meanwhile, Blu got a note from his original owner, Linda Gunderson.

It said

"Dear Blu, remember when I put that tracking chip in you when you were a baby bird. I guess I watched too much iCarly. Anyway, I found out that your living in Quahog with the Family Guy family and I'm coming to visit you.

Your friend,


Blu was REALLY happy to find out that Linda was coming to visit him. When he read that letter, his heart melted, and he started to cry. He hadn't seen Linda since before the credits rolled in Rio 2, which was quite some time ago. Then, Carla, Bia, Gabi, and Meg were having a girl's night out where they go to Red Lobster and then see Juras-Sick Park which I hear will make you throw up. Lois drove them to Red Lobster, while her and Peter ate out at Olive Garden. Anyway, at the restaurant they saw Nigel and his bird girlfriend, Peaches, who was named after a certain mammoth from Ice Age. Gabi said,

"Wow, I still kinda feel love for Nigel. But I can't date him he has a girlfriend," Gabi said.

"I thought you were in love with Brian. Which maybe you shouldn't date a guy who pees on the carpet. Just saying," Meg told Gabi.

"Yeah, I guess your right. Brian is kind of gross and I have BIRDlovidis not doglovidis," Gabi said and then they talked about all kinds of cool stuff.

"What do you like better, Honkers or Dingers?" Carla asked Gabi.

"I'd have to go with Dingers," Gabi said.

"What, I thought Honkers were the fan favorite," Bia told Gabi.

"Well, I prefer classic Sesame Street over new Sesame Street. I really don't like Elmo, that furry red son of a---,"

"So Gabi, why don't you like Elmo?" Meg asked.

"I know I grew up with him but Sesame Street was so much better back then. The animations were SUPER weird and they made you feel like you were on drugs," Gabi said.

"Really, how weird were they?" Meg asked Gabi.

"Let me list a few:A lady's nose changes shapes with a weird squeaking noise, an apple tree with a monster face on it, a creepy rubber band face count to ten, and a giant monster made out of nothing but wall cracks," Gabi said.

"Wow, I DO like the classics better," Meg said.

"And by the way, don't tell anybody, but I kinda had a crush on Big Bird," Gabi told Meg.

Somewhere deep in the jungles of Norrath, late at night, Brian and Jewel were getting drunk.

"I don't see anything wrong with showing wine drinking on a kid show," a very drunk Brian told a VERY drunk Jewel.

"I agree. I mean, Jesus drank wine. Am I right?" Jewel told Brian and then Jewel asked him.

"You wanna hear a joke?

"Sure," Brian said.

"Knock, knock"

"Who's there?"

"Que so,"

"Que so who?"

"Que so I farted!" Jewel shouted and Jewel and Brian laughed until their sides hurt.

Meanwhile, Blu was listening to his favorite Electric Mayhem song "Can U Picture That?" by rapping and he heard a knock on the door. It was Linda. She hugged Blu and said,

"Wow, Blu you don't look the least bit older,".

Then in Norrath, a goblin walked up to Brian and Jewel and said.

"You know what, I hope you enjoy this game. Because your stuck in it,"

"What do you mean were STUCK in the game?" Brian asked.

"It means you can't get out until you defeat the Computer Dragon, a large dragon monster that breathes fire, shoots lasers from his eyes, and eats birds," the goblin said.

"I can almost hear Peter singing Bird is the Word in my head. Am I right?" Brian asked.

Blu and Linda were having coffee at Dunking D'oh Nuts where Homer Simpson works.

"So Blu, how have you been lately?" Linda asked.

"Me and Stewie have been playing Smash Bros. a lot lately. I beat him with Jigglypuff and he cries like a baby," Blu said.

"Stewie IS a baby," Linda told Blu.

"I didn't know you watched Family Guy?"   Blu asked Linda.

"Yeah, me and Tulio watch it, even though were both anti-Meg," Linda said.

"Wow, I agree. Meg is as annoying as mosquitos in the summer time *insert cutaway here*," Blu said.

.Meanwhile Carla and Gabi were watching Juras-Sick Park, they liked the movie at first until the dinosaurs started eating people. Bia and Meg were scared, so they went to see My Little Pony:Equestria Girls next door. I hear Meg is a big pegasister.

Then in the middle of a bar in Norrath, Jewel and Brian were freaking out.

"What are we gonna do? Are we gonna have to FIGHT that giant dragon. I know plenty of superheroes Spiderman, Batman, Anne Hathaway, and even they can't stop a beast like that," Jewel said.

"Did you just say Anne Hathaway?" Brian asked.

"Yeah, I've always been partial to her," Jewel told Brian and then Jewel looked over and Brian was gone. He had been taken by a Goblin King and Jewel had to go through a huge maze called the Labyrinth to save him.

But only this Goblin King didn't have a horrible singing voice like David Bowie.

"I think I've seen this plot before," Jewel said.

"I'll help you!" a voice spoke and then she saw a giant Weredog named Lakota Sioux.

"You can ride me through the maze and I will slice the goblins like butter," Lakota said.

"Sure!" Jewel yelled.

"And also, have you ever put butter on a poptart. It's so fricken good!" Lakota shouted.

I hear that Weredogs blurt out random things, almost like Animutation makers.

Meanwhile, that night Carla had a nightmare that she was in a dinosaur's stomach, getting digested. She woke up and went to the bathroom to pee. In the bathroom she saw a giant T-rex. Then she woke up and that was a dream within a dream, weird, huh!? Anyway, she went into Gabi's room. She was cuddling a Toucan Sam doll as she was sleeping.

"Gabi, I'd like to talk to you," Carla told her.

"I've been having these nightmares about the movie. How about you?" Carla asked.

"No, I had a dream that I was riding a car with Grimace," Gabi said.

"Anyway, if you want to have a good dream, think about your birthday and try reading my Erotic Fan Fiction before you go to bed it helps me," Gabi said.

Then she saw some books labeled Sexy Simpsons, Sexy Sesame Street, Erotic Fraggles, Sexy American Dad, Erotic King of the Hill, Sexy South Park,Sexy Spongebob,Sexy Star Trek, Erotic Winnie the Pooh, and Sexy Scooby-Doo.

So Carla stayed up all night reading the fanfics and had a dream about her kissing Timmy Prestro Jr, imade her realise that she wanted to take him to her birthday party.

Then Jewel and Lakota were riding through a forest of Fireys, fire demons with sharp claws that can throw their eyes up in the air like Fish Mooney from Gotham. They were too busy dancing to Rain on the Scarecrow to pay attention to them. Then she got to the Goblin King and his Goblin Army that had Brian in a cage. So she casted an Expectro Petronum spell on him and he popped up and disappeared like a Yip-Yip from Sesame Street. Then he and Jewel went on to fight the Dragon.

One morning, Carla was eating her favorite cereal D'oh Nut Crunch which was created by Homer Simpson when she realized something, she was bored on her birthday. So she made a prank call to Moe's Bar.

"Hello," Moe answered

"Mike Rotch, I'm looking for a man named Mike Rotch. He entered your restaurant a few hours ago,"

"Okay, I'll ask," Moe said and yelled

"MIKE ROTCH? IS MIKE ROTCH HERE?" into the intercom

Carla couldn't help but laugh.

Then she heard a knock on her door, it was Timmy Prestro Jr.

"Hey, Carla, I had an idea for what we could do," Timmy told Carla.

"We could do a web series where we eat spaghetti tacos and show Gabi taking her shirt off, I mean her name already sounds like Gibby, am I right?" Timmy said.

"You know what, I love Icarly, so that just might work!"

Meanwhile Brian and Jewel were walked through the forest and saw the Computer Dragon. The dragon then poisoned Jewel with his poisonous tail. She told Brian

"When you get home, please delete all the porn in my browser history," and then Jewel died.

Brian then buried Jewel in a graveyard, wiping tears off his eyes and then all of a sudden, he saw someone behind his back, it was Jewel!

"Ha! You just got pranked, melonfarmer," Jewel told Brian.

"Why did you do all this?" Brian asked Jewel.

"You're always pranking me. Like yesterday, you farted in my coffee when I wasn't looking," Jewel said.

"So this WHOLE world is a prank?" Brian asked.

"Yeah, 'Norrath' is just an old guy's backyard and all of those monsters are cosplayers and by the way, the Computer Dragon is a myth," Jewel said laughing.

"Wow, let's go home and get drunk," Brian said.

"No, I've drank WAY too much already. I spent all last night puking in the toilet," Jewel said.

"Wow, I'm surprised Blu is attracted to you," Jewel said.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Jewel asked Brian.

"You smell like puke, you fart in your sleep, your afraid of guacamole, and sometimes you pee in the bird bath. Your so unnattractive, I'd rather date Meg then you," Brian told Jewel and then Brian and Jewel got into a HUGE fight. They clawed each other, bit each other, and Brian sat on Jewel, he is a very chubby beagle. The fight went on for 5 minutes just like the average chicken fight. But then Brian spoke up and said,

"You just got pranked!"

"What the hell are you talking 'bout, Willis?" Jewel asked.

"Your NOT unnatractive, for a bird, your actually kind of hot. Anyway, I just wanted to see your reaction," Brian said.

"Really. Your so sweet," Brian said and him and Jewel went home.

Meanwhile, Carla and Timmy were filming a video of Gabi eating a sandwich on the toilet. It was so gross that every boy in bird school watched it and it got ONE MILLION views. Then they uploaded all kinds of other disgusting videos and put them on a channel called "Carla's Fart and Poop House". The videos included Blu farting in an elevator, Stewie drinking ketchup, and Peter and Chris licking mayonnaise out of a guy's hair. They got so famous that Carla made her own MTV show called, Silent Library. Every boy (and even some girls) at Carla's school watched the show every week and never missed an episode. It was the best birthday ever! Carla could've gotten a doll or a boring old PS4, but instead she got the best gift yet, she became an Internet phenomenon (doo-doo-de-doo-doo).

Then Blu and Linda were eating at Wendy's and talking about how much the Wendy's girl looks like Wendy from Gravity Falls. Linda told Blu that instead of going home, her and Tulio are moving to Quahog. Blu was so excited that he jumped for joy! So when Rio 3 comes out, expect a Stewie cameo.