This is the third episode of Rio Guy and the third in canon.

Story Edit

One Summer night, Brian woke up out of bed because he heard noises. He went into other room and saw a ferocious Boogeyman holding Carla and Bia trying to eat them. The Boogeyman was a giant green monster with devil horns, bat wings, and a spikey tail. So Brian kicked the Boogeyman, but the Boogeyman swallowed him. In the Boogeyman's stomach he saw a giant squid monster called a Kraken that poisoned him with it's poison tail. He then woke up and it was all a bad dream. He went into Jewel's room and said.

"Jewel, I need help!"

"What is it?" she said.

"I've been having these nightmares lately,"

"What are they about?"

"Monsters, ghosts, demons, snakes. Pretty much anything you would find in World of Warcraft," Brian said.

"What are these creatures doing in your dreams?" Jewel asked.

"In one, Lois got killed by a giant Cyclops and then turned into a zombie and ate me. In another, a mad scientist dissected Gabi and killed her and finally in the scariest one of them all, Peter walked in front of a car and got hit," Brian said.

"I think your having these dreams because your love your family and don't want to see anything bad happen to them," Jewel replied.

"Your right, the reason I have these nightmares are Stewie's 4-years-old now, Meg's in college, Chris has a job, and my new friend Gabi is hitting her sweet 16 next month. I guess I'm just worried about my friends and family," Brian said.

"I know what you can do?" Jewel said.

"Instead of worrying all the time. Think of all the good times you and family have had and all of the good times you would like to have. Focus on the positive side of life and not the negative. And also, try not to watch R-rated horror movies before bed. There's a reason why I don't let my kids watch those things," Jewel said.

"You know what, your right. I'm no longer Debbie Downer, I am now a positive beagle who loves life," Brian said and then went back to bed. In the morning, Bia and Carla were watching Mike and Molly when Brian walked in and said,

"I know they're going to cancel this show soon, but let's enjoy every minute of it while it's still on and by the way, we still have repeats!"

"Are you okay?" Carla asked Brian.

"Yeah, why. I'm just my positive, happy little self!" Brian said as he got down a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and watched the show with them. Then the Gabi, the Griffins, and the Rio birds went out to see a movie called Fred Instead about an alien that befriends a kid. Mayor Adam West was at the premiere and so was Comic Book Guy, but only so he could complain about how unrealistic the movie is. At the movie, Gabi was sitting next to Brian. Considering Nigel had just broken up with her, she felt like she needed somebody to obsess over. So she started looking and Brian and thought

"Man, he's kinda cute!" and then developed a crush on Brian.

"You know what, this movie's pretty good. Would you like to hold my hand?" Gabi asked.

"What, no way!" Brian said.

"Sorry, I was just thinking of my favorite Beatles song," Gabi just back.

Then they went home and Gabi was in her room thinking about her new crush, Brian. She made a little doll of him and pretended she was kissing him with it. The next day, Brian was outside and saw a strange Italian greyhound-like dog. Brian walked up to him and asked.

"What's your name?"

"I'm Vinnie!" he said.

"I'm Brian!"

"Wait a minute. Are you Brian Griffin?" Vinnie asked.

"Yes, I am. Why do you ask?" Brian asked Vinnie

"Because when you died. The family adopted me,"

"So wait a minute, they just got another dog and moved on. What am I, cod liver oil!?" Brian said loudly.

"I think the phrase is chopped liver," Vinnie said.

"No, I believe it's not. But whatever it is, I still feel like it," Brian yelled.

Then he went in the house and screamed at the top of his lungs,

"What the hell you guys. You got another freaking dog. Yeah, you really missed me, you missed me so much you got an Italian fricken GREYHOUND! I'm no racist, but I believe that you liked him better than your old buddy, Brian and also, you loved him so much that you had Thanksgiving with him and gave him a NAME!?"

"I'm sorry okay. We just love you and wanted to cope with missing you," Stewie told Brian.

"Yeah, well you know what, screw you guys. I'm running away, let's see you much you DO care about me. Because I'm going away for TWO whole years," Brian said.

"I thought you were trying to be positive," Bia told Brian.

"Positive, MY SHINY METAL ASS!" Brian exclaimed as he slammed he door shut.

Gabi heard what was going on from her room and started crying,

"Why does every relationship I have fail. I'm like Harley Quinn, an ex-villain with no boyfriend just ready to live a lonely life," Gabi said. But then an idea struck her. She decided to follow Brian on his pilgrimage. She is only 5-inches tall, right. As Brian was packing his things to leave, she snuck in his backpack. Then Brian left and got on the next bus to Vevay, Indiana. Gabi was hiding in the backpack listening to Brian's .mp3 player. After a long drive, they got dropped off at the Switzerland County Public Library. He went into the library and met a lady named Judy.

"Hi what's your name?" Brian asked her.

"I'm Brian. I'm guessing your the librarian?" he asked.

"Yes I am, would you like to check out a book or rent a movie," Judy asked Brian.

"No, I'm running away from home. Could I stay here for the night?" Brian asked.

"Why sure, you can. You can sleep in the kid's area. Just don't use bad language or shout and there's no drinking alcohol in the library. If you want a good beer you could go to the gas station," Judy said.

"Thanks, Judy. I think I'll do that," Brian told her.

Brian went in the kid's section and got really bored. So he picked up a book called The Ugly Duckling. At the end of the book, he started crying and thinking about his family.

"Wow, that story was so sad," Brian said.

"It was sad because they went the whole book without a ducking joke," Brian said.

Then he heard some noise in his backpack. He opened it up and saw Gabi sitting there.

"What the heck are you doing here?" Brian asked Gabi.

"I hid in your backpack because, I love you Brian!" Gabi said.

"I thought you loved Nigel," Brian told her.

"Nigel is an old, ugly, bird. I'm a young frog looking for some love and I think I found you," Gabi said.

"Hey, Gabi. Would you like to go to Shell's with me?" Brian asked.

"You mean like a date?" Gabi asked Brian.

"Sure, it's a date!" Brian said

So him and Gabi went to Shell's. Brian got a reuben and Gabi got a cheeseburger.. At the restaurant, Brian started wanting something to do.

"You know what Gabi," Brian said.

"Let's see a play at the Hoosier Theater,".

At the theater they were doing a play called Cutie & The Beast, that had a redheaded teenager named Matt playing the part of an elf. They got some popcorn and watched the play.

"Why don't we ask that elf kid if we could stay at his house for the night?" Gabi asked Brian.

"That's a good idea!" Brian said.

After the play, they went up to Matt and asked,

"Could we play stay at your house?"

"Oh my goodness! Your the dog from Family Guy and weren't you in like Open Season or something?" Matt asked.

"I was in Rio 2. I was Nigel's lovest interest," Gabi said.

"Yeah, I don't remember you!" Matt told Gabi

"Mom, Dad, do you care if these critters stay at our house?" Matt asked his parents.

"Sure! They can stay," Matt's parent's said and they drove them home. As soon as they got to Matt's house, he introduced them to their dogs, Rooster and Lakota Sioux. At first, Rooster tried to eat Gabi but Matt didn't let him, when she saw Brian, Lakota got really excited and tried to play with him. That night, he made a little bed for Brian his room and let Gabi sleep in a sock on top of his dresser. Brian had a dream about the Griffins which made him think about how much he loves them. Brian then woke up Gabi and said,

"Let's go home tomorrow after lunch!"

That morning, Gabi and Brian sat on the couch and watched Matt's favorite morning show, Victorious. Then for lunch they ate spam and macaroni and cheese. Afterwards, Brian told Matt

"Were going to leave today! We miss our old owners," and Matt said

"Okay, Brian, Gabi. It was nice to have you, we'll miss you!"

"If you wanna see me just watch Rio 2," Gabi said.

"I still don't remember you!" Matt told Gabi.

So they walked down to the Vevay Library, so Brian could get his things. They saw a familiar-looking dog, it was Vinnie!

"There's only room for one talking dog in this world," Vinnie told Brian

"I can name several. Scooby-Doo, Rowlf, Scrappy, Clifford, Blue!' Brian listed

Vinnie then punched Brian right in the face and kicked him.

"Are you okay?" Gabi asked Brian and then Brian jumped up and elbowed Vinnie. Afterwards, it was a huge battle that took 7 minutes just like your average chicken fight. But then just about as Vinnie was about to punch Brian in the stomach, a familiar face punched Vinnie. They looked over and saw Peter.

"You know what, Brian. We love you so much and were sorry we treated you that way. If you would like to stay in Vevay, that's okay. But just remember, we'll always love you and we miss you dearly!" Peter said.

Then Peter drove Brian and Gabi back to Quahog. As soon as they got to the Griffin house, Lois hugged Brian and they had a fun night watching all the 2MattTV videos.

Trivia Edit

This is the first episode to mention a canon Family Guy episode.

Continuity Nod:The events of Gabi:The Untold story are referenced in this episode.