This is episode two of Rio Guy and the second in canon. It is rated TV-14-DL.

Story Edit

A long, long time ago, when the gays weren't all up in your face about it. A frog named Gabi was born in Rio de Janero. She was born in the year 1999 (dang, that's ancient) and her parents names were Phil and Carol. They both starred in a comedy show called The Last Male Frog on Earth, it was a funny show. She also has a brother named Joe and a sister named Jessica. When she was little, her Mom was worried about her because she had a strange attraction to Toucan Sam. She would draw pictures of him all the time and pretend she was dating him. Her Mom would tell her he's just a cereal mascot, but she didn't care. So one day Gabi's parents took her to the doctor and found that she has a rare disorder called "birdlovidis" which means she only loves birds. She also dreamed of being an actress her whole life just like her role model Kristin Chenoweth. On her first day of school, everyone laughed at her for kissing a stuffed animal of Big Bird. She left the school crying and talked to her Mom about it, so her Mom sent her to an all frog-loving school, in which she was a part of the Breakfast Club, not the movie, a club that prepares breakfast for the teachers.

Fast forward thirteen years later, Blu, Jewel, Tiago, Carla, the Griffins, and Gabi were at the community pool taking a swim. As Lois was teaching Stewie to swim, he accidentally drank some pool water and puked in the middle of the pool. Brian then jumped into the water and started licking it up. He is a dog, you know. The lifeguard had to get everybody out of the water because it was filled with Stewie vomit. After that, they stopped for ice cream at Elsa's Frozen Palace in which Elsa from Frozen serves you ice cream made from Olaf's pee. At the restaurant, Stewie ordered a chocolate malt, walked up to Gabi, and puked all over her. She was covered in Stewie barf from her head to her weird-looking frog toes. Gabi then went into the bathroom to clean up and while she was taking a wazz, she got a text from Nigel that said "I'm sorry but we have to break up. I found a sexy girl bird at the neighborhood park and she's to close to me. Sorry, :(". Gabi was so sad, that she spent the whole day in her room eating lots of ice cream. She ate so much she probably gained 5 pounds. Brian then walked in and told her the story of when he was dating this beautiful girl dog named Daisy and she broke up with him for a beagle named Rooster. Brian then hugged Gabi and they started watching the News. On the News, they showed a purple, spotted frog who just recently invented the time machine.

"Oh my goodness, she must be my real mom!" Gabi yelled.

"Did you ever meet your Mom?" Brian asked.

"Hell yeah, this ain't no Disney movie!" Gabi told Brian.

"So you know what, I'm going to go all the way to California so I can meet my mommy and have an ice cold coke with her. I'm not old enough to drink," Gabi shouted.

She then ran into Quagmire who was driving all the way to California, because SNL told him it's a pretty good place. So Gabi asked Quagmire if she could ride with him and he said

"Sure, giggity, gig!"

So she took a long drive to California. On the way Quagmire stopped at a hotel where Gabi met Cleveland, Gabi walked up to him and said.

"Don't you have a show to do? Oh yeah, that's right!"

"Oh come on, girl. Don't give me that crap. As far as ratings go, we did about the same as Bob's Burgers,".

"Yeah, but Fox kept that show. Because Bob's Burgers is the chizz and your show sucked eggs," Gabi said.

"Oh you asked for!" Cleveland yelled and Cleveland Junior came into the room.


"Yes, daddy!" Junior said in his high-pitched voice.

"Pop that frog like a zit!" Cleveland shouted

So Gabi ran across the room with Cleveland chasing her. Then she met the Security Guard, Paul Blart and told him that Junior was trying to kill her. So Paul walked up and arrested both Cleveland and his son.

Then she went into her room and saw the same frog that was on the News. Gabi then put on a Dr. Seuss hat and asked.

"Are you my mommy?"

"Actually that was P.D. Eastman book. And no I'm not your mom. I'm you from the future!"

"You talking some crazy chizz. Are you seriously me?"

"Let me put it this way I know you have some "suggestive" bird images in your browser history," Future Gabi said.

"Oh my goodness, it is me!" she yelled.

"Step into my time machine. I will take you to the future," Future Gabi (FG for short) said and sent her to the Griffin's house forty years from now. Lois and Peter were a grandma and grandpa because Meg had a little girl named Emmy and a boy named Max. Sound familiar!? Chris however, had no kids, but instead had a cat, a dog, and a Smurf that were his pets. Stewie became a famous TV star appearing in a sitcom called "Stewie 101". He even got married to Quinn Penski and had a little boy named Dustin. Now let's talk about the Rio birds. Blu and Jewel were still happily married. Carla got married to her idol, Justin B-Bird. Bia became a YouTube sensation after posting a video of a cat playing a piano and Tiago got a job at McDonald's. That's it. But hey as long as he gets free burgers, right. He defininetly gained a lot of weight after that job.

Gabi showed her around the Griffin house and told everybody she was a girl named Judy that she found at the library, so they don't get suspicious.

That night Gabi and FG watched Fast & Furious 24.

"Wow, movies sure do suck in the future!" Gabi said.

"Also have you noticed Vin Diesel's head looks like a wiener," FG said.

"Yeah, he does. I hear he was in a movie called Idle Nuts with Andy Dick and Alfred Hitchcock came back from the dead to direct it," Gabi told FG.

Then she went outside and saw a gravestone that said Nigel. He apparently died from getting food poisoning at Wendy's. His gravestone said,

"Hopefully there aren't burgers in Heaven. If so I'm going to puke,".

"Oh no, my baby!" Gabi yelled.

"I don't like this future. I'm going home," she said and went all the way back to the present. Gabi learned a valuable lesson that day and that is to enjoy the present while it lasts. Life is short, so enjoy the people you love while you have them.

Trivia Edit

This episode is technically a crossover with The Cleveland Show (even though Cleveland and Cleveland Junior used to appear on Family Guy a lot).

This is the first episode to focus on Gabi.

This is the first appearance of many of the show's recurring characters including Quagmire, Nigel, and Cleveland.

The episode's plot is a parody of the Family Guy episode Stewie Griffin:The Untold Story.

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