Gabi's Long Lost Cousin

The episode starts with Carla, Bia, and Tiago. They are back in Rio. One day they see a frog who knows Gabi and says that he's her long lost cousin. Carla and Bia are shocked. Tiago is too, but he has no idea what a cousin is. Back at Blu and Jewel's house, Carla tells Jewel that Gabi has a cousin and Jewel was surpised too. Tiago also told Blu. In Nigel's hideout, Gabi was singing about Nigel and all of a sudden, the frog appears. "Nice singing." he said. "Who are you?" asked Gabi. The frog tells her that he's her cousin and right after that, Gabi started laughing. She did not beleive it. "Very funny, but seriously, who are you?" The frog was shocked. How come Gabi didn't remember him? Then Nigel came and threatened the frog to leave or else Nigel will hurt him with his sharp talons. Back outside, Gabi's cousin talks to Carla, Bia, and Tiago. Bia tells him that Gabi fell inlove with Nigel. "What?" The frog said. "My cousin can't fall inlove with that bird! First of all she's a frog! She can't fall inlove with a birds. And second, that bird's evil." Then he had the weirdest idea. If Nigel's not going to be nice to Gabi, then he will. So Gabi's singing her songs again and then she sees the frog again. "Hello random frog who I don't know." She said. The frog tries to tell Gabi again, but she doesn't see it. So she leaves and chases Nigel. Nigel is running away from Gabi, but what he doesn't know is that Carla is actually spying on him. This is when Carla starts making videos about random gossip. "Got it!" said Carla. She then tells Bia and Tiago about this. Tiago thinks it's so cool so he decides to call it: Operation: Get Gabi to fall in love. While Tiago loves the idea, Bia wants no part of it. So she decides to fly away. Back at Blu and Jewel's house, Jewel's cooking soup for Blu. Blu and Jewel did a bet. If Jewel looses the bet, they go back to Rio, but if Blu looses the bet, they stay in the jungle. Jewel lost the bet. She couldn't be domesticated by herself. Then again, when Blu was in the jungle by himself, he couldn't sleep at all and got himself sick. That's why Jewel is cooking soup for Blu. Meanwhile back outside where Carla and Tiago are, Carla is spying and then Tiago get in her why by scaring her. He said that he only wanted to help, so Carla told him to be the water boy. "Okay you can hand me some water." She said. It is 9:23 in the morning, Nigel is by himself and then Gabi comes and then Tiago gets in the way again. "Found you!" Said Tiago. He thinks that they're playing hide and seek. "Now it's your turn." "What are you doing!?" Asked Carla. Tiago tells her that he's playing hide and seek. "Now it's your turn." said Tiago. "We're not here to play games Tiago!" Yelled Carla. Then Tiago thinks this should be a TV show. "This is not a TV gossip sitcom!" Said Carla. She tells Tiago that they will spy on Nigel. Then Tiago says "Then lets go tell him." Carla tells him that you can't tell someone that you're spying on them. Carla then has to yell at her brother, but then Gabi's cousin comes and asks what she's busy with. Carla hides her stuff before the frog sees it. Tiago was going to say that they were spying on Nigel, but Carla stopped him. She made up a lie that they were watching leaves. The reason why the frog came to Carla and Tiago is that he wanted a name. He doesn't have a name, and he has no friends. But he once was a very good crime solver. And everyone called him Mr. X. Hours past and now it is 5:01 in the afternoon. Wow. Time flies when you're spying. So now Gabi is waiting for Nigel to have a date. Tiago thinks that Nigel will not be coming. "I say that." said Carla. Tiago can't say anything when Carla is spying. At 5:10pm, Gabi decides to call Nigel. Nigel is in his hideout and he tried to make an eccuse so he doesn't have to go on a date with Gabi. He makes up a lie that he is sick with a contagious disease. Then Gabi gets very upset. Mr. X comes to see Gabi and she tells him the bad news. "You want me to hang out with you?" the frog said. Gabi agrees. Mr. X and Gabi have a chat. He tells her that other frogs call him Mr. X. Once again Gabi starts laughing. It is now 5:38, Carla is spying on Gabi and Mr. X then Tiago screams "Boo!!!" Carla screams and drops the camera. Carla broke the camera. It wasn't her fault. It was Tiago's. "How is this my fault!?" asked Tiago. Carla tells him that he was the one who who screamed boo in her face. At Blu and Jewel's house Jewel makes a silly joke. She asks Bia "He Bia, do you know why soup is the best thing?" Bia responds "It will make dad feel better?" Jewel agrees, but "You can't wash soup!" Jewel and Bia start laughing. In their house, they have to wash everything, but you can't wash soup. Then Carla and Tiago come in. "Here comes trouble." said Bia. Jewel sees that the camera is broken. "Mom, it's Tiago's fault! He screamed boo in my face!" said Carla. Jewel grounds them for the rest of the day. Then Jewel meets Gabi's long lost cousin.

The End

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