This is episode seven of Rio Guy

Story Edit

One day, Stewie and Carla were playing basketball and then Brian accidentally swallowed the ball. His stomach looked like Weird Al in the fat video. Anyway, Gabi heard about what happened to Brian and she walked up to him and said,

"I have an idea,"

"What's that?" Brian asked.

"I could go inside your body and retrieve the basketball,"

"But then we would have to shrink you and that hasn't been quite perfected yet," Brian said.

"No, you could just swallow me whole. I'm already only 3 inches tall," Gabi said.

"Okay, it's worth a shot. So long, friend!" Brian said and he ate Gabi.

Gabi went down Brian's throat and landed in his stomach. The basketball was sitting right next to an autographed photo of Ariana Grande,

"Why did you eat this?" Gabi asked from inside Brian.

"I used to like her, but now after the whole licking donuts thing, I'm no longer a fan," Brian said and then Gabi kicked the basketball and it came out Brian's throat, but Gabi was still in Brian's belly.

"I was wondering. Could I explore your body for awhile?" Gabi asked.

"Sure, knock yourself out!" Gabi said.

That night when the Griffins were eating dinner, Lois asked

"Where's Gabi?"

"It's an interesting story. You see, right now, Gabi's in my stomach!" Brian said.

"Oh my goodness, you ATE her!" Lois shouted.

"Yes, but only because I wanted her to retrieve the basketball in my stomach," Brian said.

"Could I talk to Gabi from inside your tummy?" Stewie asked.

"Why sure," Brian said.

"Hi Gabi. I hope you get digested!" Stewie shouted.

"STEWIE! That's not nice!" Brian shouted.

"What? She gave me a fake lottery ticket," Stewie said.

Then Gabi started crawling up Brian's urethra and dancing.

"Oh no! Gabi, you get out of my bladder this instant!" Brian said.

"Could I take a picture of your liver and kidneys and send it to my Science teacher?" Gabi asked.

"Sure!" Brian said.

Then a few hours later, Brian was pooping and he felt something unusual come out of his butthole, it wasn't a turd, let me say that. It was Gabi! While Gabi was in my Brian's large intestine she was singing "I've Got You Under My Skin"

"I can't poop with you singing!" Brian said and then he pushed harder and harder and finally he pooped out Gabi. Gabi was covered in shit, but she was completely okay! Then Gabi took a shower (in the sink, like always) and Gabi, Brian, and Carla watched Surf's Up, because she is strangely attracted to Chicken Joe.