The fifth episode of Rio Guy.

Story Edit

One day Peter was at the CD store looking for his favorite song Surfing Bird by the Trashmen, Tiago was along with him just because he wanted to buy Fred's Christmas Cash CD as Christmas was coming up VERY soon. The guy at the counter was watching Futurama and Peter walked up to him asked

"Do you have Surfing Bird?"

"Why don't I put that bird on a surfboard and find out," the clerk said.

"Don't make fun of him. He's my friend!" Peter said.

"Oh yeah, well, your not my friend!" the clerk yelled at Peter.

Then the clerk pulled off his face and he was Ernie the Giant Chicken in disguise. Peter then went behind the counter and punched the chicken, the chicken kicked him, and then Peter starting choking the chicken (not in that way!)

"Make him into KFC!" Tiago shouted.

Then the chicken started clawing at Peter and almost knocked him off a bridge. But then Peter went into an IGA, bought some spinach, and grew 100 times stronger like Popeye. After eating the spinach, he picked up the chicken, and threw him off the bridge. Since giant chickens can't swim, the chicken was never seen again!

"Hey Tiago, you wanna go home and eat some KFC?" Peter asked.

"Are you kidding me, I don't eat birds!" Tiago told Peter.

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