Crystal the fox appeared in episode 18:Find and Catch me if you can!

Jewel,who is trying to find Nico,Pedro,Blu,Rafael, and Eva in a game of hide and seek,saw a tail in a bushes, she knew it was Blu's tail.Jewel told blu to come out and show himself and blu did what his "love hawk"told him.Blu and jewel looked at a bunch of bananas and one of them were light green,and quickly knew it was Eva's beak.Jewel called out Eva's name and Eva came out.Rafeal,Nico, and Pedro were seen looking behind a boulder,which was their hiding spot,to see if anyone was coming close to them.Rafeal saw light blue tail feathers on the other side of the boulder,he then knew that jewel was on the other side of the boulder.Jewel looked at Rafael and scared him by saying "Boo!" to him,Nico,and Pedro.Jewel also called out Rafael,Nico, and Pedro's names and they came out from behind the boulder.When jewel said that she found everyone,a strange voice told her that she needs to find whoever is making the voice.Jewel and her friends tried to find who was making the weird voice,and succeeded.The animal who was making the weird voice told jewel and her friends to catch her in order for her to tell them what her was.Jewel and her friends ran after the animal and caught her.The animal who was tagged by jewel told her that her name was Crystal the fox.Jewel and her friends told crystal it was a pleaser to meet her. The episode ends with crystal waving goodbye to Her new friends and went back home,so were jewel and her friends,who were doing the same as crystal. The screen then pans to the wonderful sunset in the background.

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