Best Cousin (called by blu), Ski Dancer


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Voice Actor:

Johnny Depp
Zachary Levi (as young crilla)


Blu (Cousin)
Jewel (Couisn In Law)
Azul The First (Uncle)
Crystal (Aunt)
Antonio and Ricardo (Friends)
Linda (Cousin's Owner)

Eye Color:


Skin Color:

Dark Blue


Crilla is Blu's long lost Cousin, he is 9 years older than blu and 10 years older than jewel, in 1996 he was 9 when his cousin "blu" was captured by smuggler and he take a bow that he will search and rescue blu for 15 years that he still searching for blu and he find blu when blu was chase by Jacques' henchmen and he rescue blu by attacking Jacques' henchmen. and he was shocked when blu tell him that he was a pet and begins very distrubed by blu's niceness but when blu and other was captured by Rodrigo, Nigel and Jacques he attempted to rescue his cousin and he free all the bird including his cousin but when Nigel threaten to hurt blu and jewel's children, Crilla goe rage and attacking nigel, and Crilla broke Nigel's two wing after learning nigel once broke his cousin's mate's wing. in the ending where Crilla is no longer distrubed by blu again.


Crilla is smart like his cousin, he doesn't like water but he dancing in water. he once own by an olympic swimmer but his owner killed in car accident, when his cousian captured Crilla don't his cousin killed like his owner.


Crilla is voiced by Johnny Depp

He is a Blue Flamingo

He born in 1987