The episode starts with Blu and his friends going to Luiz's garage to hang out with him.When Blu and his friends got in Luiz's garage,Blu stepped in dog saliva and said to his friends "Eww! This is gross!".Nico said to Blu "Blu! Stop messing around!".Blu said to Nico "Come on! I didn't touch anything Nico!".Nico said to Blu "Ugh! Whatever man! Whatever!" And walked away.Nico accidentally slipped in dog drool.Nico said to his friends "Dudes! This is disgusting!".Eva said to Nico "Hahahaha! That's what you get for disliking my singing boy! Yay baby!".Nico said to Eva "Ugh! Whatever!".Blu and his friends heard a scary bark and Nico said to his friends in fear "It's Luiz you guys! Ahhh! Run and hide dudes!".Blu and his friends ran away and hid behind a crate.Luiz came over and said "Hey! Whaddup guys!".Luiz looked around and said "Guys?! Where did they go?".Nico said to his friends with dog drool on his cap "Eww! So gross!".Luiz heard something from behind the crate and said "Huh? Maybe my friends are behind that crate?".Luiz walked over to the crate as Eva said to Nico "Nico! Shut up! We're gonna be caught by Luiz!".Luiz looked behind the crate and said to his friends "Guys! There you are!".When Luiz found Blu and his friends,Eva said to Nico in anger "Dang it! Nico! Why'd You give away the whole hiding spot! Thanks for nothing!" And slapped Nico.Luiz said to his friends "So guys! Do you want to play a game this time?".Blu and his friends agreed and Eva said to Luiz "How about a game of hide and seek Luiz?".Luiz and the others agreed and started to play the game.Blu said to Luiz "Ok Luiz! You're the seeker! You know what you're supposed to do?".Luiz said to Blu "Are you kidding! I watched your hide and seek episodes bro! I know what I'm doing!".Blu said to Luiz "Ok! Close your eyes Luiz!".Luiz agreed and closed his eyes with his paws,Blu and his friends went to hide.Blu hid behind a stack of paint cans,Pedro hid as a toolbox,Nico hid behind a bottle and pretended to be in it,Rafeal hid under Luiz's work desk,Jewel hid in a barrel and Eva hid as a bat.Blu said to Luiz when him and his friends were hidden "Ok Luiz! You can start seeking now!".Luiz agreed and started looking for his friends.Luiz walked past a stack of paint cans.Blu bumped on one of the paint cans and said "Ow!".Luiz heard Blu and said "I know that's you Blu!".Blu came out and said to Luiz "Oh! Hey Luiz!".Luiz then looked for the others.Luiz came to two toolboxes and looked at both of them.Luiz noticed that one of them was different from the real toolbox,he then realized that the fake toolbox was Pedro.Luiz shoved Pedro off the desk and said to Pedro "Whaddup Pedro!".Pedro said to Luiz "Yoy! How are you doing dog?!".Luiz then looked for the others.Luiz looked under his work desk and saw something black move,he knew it was Rafeal with his back turned.Luiz grabbed Rafeal by the tail and threw him out from under his work desk.Luiz said to Rafeal "Hey Rafael!".Rafeal said to Luiz "Hey Luiz!".Luiz then looked for Nico,Jewel and Eva.Luiz came to a bottle and noticed that something was inside it,he looked inside the bottle and nothing was in the bottle.Luiz put the bottle back and walked away.Nico said when Luiz walked away "Yes! He didn't notice me!".Luiz heard something and said "Huh? Did that thing behind the bottle just speak?".Luiz walked over to the bottle while Nico said when Luiz got closer to him "Oh crud!".Luiz knocked over the bottle and said to Nico "I heard you Nico!".Nico said to Luiz "Aww man!".Luiz then looked for Eva and Jewel.Luiz walked past a barrel and Jewel said when Luiz past her "Tee hee hee!".Luiz noticed that the barrel was giggling and knocked it over,Jewel came out rolling.Luiz said to Jewel "Hi Jewel!".Jewel said to Luiz "Tee hee! Hi Luiz!".Luiz then looked for Eva.Luiz walked under a familiar bat and noticed that the bat has a light green beak.Luiz noticed that bats have mouths and not beaks.Luiz picked up a ball and threw it up to the bat.Eva said when the ball came toward her "Huh? Ahhhh!".The ball hit Eva and Eva fell to the ground while screaming "Ahhh!".Luiz saw Eva falling and decides to catch her in his paws.Eva said when she hit the ground beak first "Ahh! Oof!".Luiz looked at Eva,who fell on the other right side of him,and said to the audience "Dang it!".Eva pulls her beak out of the ground and said when her beak was dirty "I'm gonna washing the dirt off my beak for minutes!".Luiz looked at Eva and said "Gotcha!".Eva said to Luiz "You found me Luiz!".Luiz said to Eva "Of course I did!".The episode ends with Blu and his friends saying bye to Luiz and went home,Luiz went off to sleep and the screen fades to black.

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