Tyler Blu Gunderson
Blu bird


One of a kind (called by Tulio), BoBo and Pet (Called by Jewel), Big Brave Boy (called by Linda)


Jewel, Crilla, Azul The First, Crystal, Rafael, Pedro, Nico, Antonio, Ricardo, Henri, Sofia, Javier, Dias, Luiz, Gusty, Buster, Kinski, Rose, Sparkie, Franklin, Emily, Jane, Marlo, Violet, Sam, Roger, Jacob, Greta, Hannah, Wayne, Ray, Ethan, Kenneth, Gavin, Patrick, Nigel (currently), Linda, Tulio, Fernando, Sean Wilson, Lena Murphy, Dwight Scott (currently), Mario, Luigi


Rodrigo, Jacques Mintz, Russell Cheever, Willy Davidson, Harley Talley, Oscar Nathanson, Owen Tucker, Sgt. Robert Trippe, Dylan Lane, Robin, Jerry, Dwight Scott (formerly), Nigel, Bowser

Voice Actor:

Jesse Eisenberg
Dane Coltreiller (as young Blu)


Jewel (Wife)
Crilla (Cousin)
Azul The First (Father)
Crystal (Mother)
Rafael, Pedro and Nico (Friends)
Linda (Blu's Owner)
Mario & Luigi (Blu's Brothers)

Eye color:


Feather color:

Dark blue


Blu was first seen as a chick, in an empty nest inside a tree. Awakened by the singing of his fellow birds, Blu, among others, is captured by smugglers and sold to an exotic bird store. On the way, the door of truck carrying him is forced open due to not paying attention to the traffic light, and the crate containing Blu falls onto the streets of Minnesota. The crate is found by a young girl named Linda, who promises to take care of the chick, naming him "Blu".

Over the next fifteen years, Blu and Linda become the best of friends, with Linda throwing him birthday parties, taking him to spelling bees, and even to her high school prom. One day, an ornithologist named Tulio comes to the book store where Blu and Linda live, informing them that Blu is the last male of his species, and that he must mate with the only female for his species to live. Blu and Linda are reluctant at first, but agree to do it.

When they arrive in Rio, Blu meets Pedro and Nico, who give him some tips on how to attract a female. Once at Tulio's aviary, Blu is put off by the fact that his intended mate, Jewel, had badly scratched one of Tulio's assistants. When he sees her, however, he instantly falls in love. He tries to follow Pedro and Nico's advice, but Jewel, only interested in escaping, angrily rebuffs and attacks him. Later, the two are captured by a boy named Fernando, who brings them to a band of three poachers, assisted by the head poacher's pet cockatoo named Nigel. Blu and Jewel are chained together and caged, but Jewel makes an escape (assisted by Blu, who unlocks the cage's latch). When Jewel attempts to fly, Blu is forced to admit that he can't fly, and they are forced to escape Nigel and the poachers on foot, making their way into the jungle, to Blu's displeasure.

In the morning, Blu attempts to compromise a way to break the chain, but fails. They are then set upon by a flock of baby Toucans, whose father, Rafael, offers to take them to Luiz to get the chain off. Rafael also tries to get Blu to fly, telling him that he just needs to, "feel the rhythm" of his heart, but Blu, still scared, falls short at the last moment, causing himself and Jewel to land on a hang glider. Blu, enjoying the feeling of being in the air, opens his wings, causing himself and Jewel to be blown off the hang glider and onto the beach below. Rafael then leads them to a fruit truck, which takes them into the city. There, Blu once again meets Pedro and Nico, who inform the group that they had just missed the tram that would take them to Luiz. While they wait, Pedro and Nico take the group to a bird's samba club. Once there, Blu, whose childhood memories stirred by the music, starts to dance. With a little nudge from Rafael, Blu dances with Jewel, culminating in her singing beautifully, captivating him. When the two are face to face and caught in the moment they kiss, When they separated and before they could react the club is raided by a group of Marmosets, hired by Nigel to find them. A brief battle ensues, during which the tram arrives, and Blu and Jewel are given a lift there by kipo.

While on their way to Luiz's, Blu and Jewel talk about what happened in the club she said she liked it blu wanted to tell her how he feels about her, and is given a stray flower by rafael which she likes the smell of and he clears his throat but jewel stops him and just snuggles in to him and he nervously puts his wings around her smiling. When they finally arrive, they are surprised to learn that Luiz is a bulldog, and even more surprised that he intends to use a buzz saw in an attempt to cut the chain. In the ensuing chaos, Luiz catches the chain in his mouth, causing his drool to seep onto Blu and Jewel's legs, causing them to slip through the shackles. Blu and Jewel are delighted but he wonders how he'll tell Linda about this. Jewel asks him to go for a walk and decide rather he loves her or Linda which he obeys. However, he is soon informed by Pedro and Nico that Nigel has captured Jewel, and rushed rescue her, using Luiz as a steed.

Blu and company follow Nigel to carnivals. Spotting Linda, Blu is briefly torn,but decides to focus on saving Jewel. Once he finds her, he hugs her and tries to get the cage open, but is himself caged by Nigel, along with Rafael, Pedro and Nico. They are placed in the poachers plane, along with all the other captured birds.

During the flight, Blu rigs a fire extinguisher to bust open his cage, allowing to escape and free the others. The plane's door is opened and the birds escape, except for Blu, who is still scared of flying. As Jewel tries to comfort him calling him my sweet, Blu is attacked by Nigel. Jewel tries to help Blu, but knocked into the plane's side, causing a cage to fall on her wing, injuring it. As Nigel mocks them, an angered Blu attaches the fire extinguisher to the cockatoo's foot, setting it off. Nigel is blasted out of the plane and into one of it's propellers, causing it to fall. Jewel falls out of the plane, and Blu, putting his fears aside, jumps after her. After telling her that he won't let her go, Blu and Jewel than kissed more passionately. Blu is then overcome by the beating of his heart, opens his wings, and flies, saving himself and Jewel. Flying down to Linda, Tulio and Fernando, Blu convinces Jewel to let Tulio tend to her wing. A few weeks later Jewel's wing is healed, Blu decides to joins her in the wild, sharing one last goodbye with Linda he than flies and nudges his gem of the forest as they fly away. In the final scene, Blu, Jewel and their three chicks bia clara and taigo fly and then sing in their new home.


  • Blu is voiced by Jesse Eisenberg
  • He is Spix's Macaw
  • He was born in 1996
  • He is a brother of Super Mario Brothers