Azul the first was shown in episode 20 :The hide and seek championship tournament

Blu and Eva were shown training for the hide and seek championship tournament and are so excited about it. The announcers of the hide and seek championship tournament told all the contestants to start the tournament.Blu and Eva were going against Pedro and Nico first and Pedro said Eva and Blu are going down,Eva said to Pedro "in your dreams!".After the first match,Blu and Eva won the game.Pedro and Nico said their hiding and seeking skills were impressive,Blu and Eva thanked them and moved on to the next round while Pedro and Nico told them to win it for the fantastic four team.Blu and Eva were against Rafael and Jewel next and Rafael told Eva to go easy on him and jewel,Eva agreed and the second match began.After the second match,Blu and Eva won again.Rafeal and Jewel told Eva and Blu that the second game was so much fun,Eva and Blu thanked them and moved on to the final round while Rafael gave Eva a blow kiss to her.For the final round of the hide and seek tournament,Eva and Blu were going against Azul the first,a dark blue spix macaw,and poponoz,a multI-colored peacock.Blu began to panic,Eva slapped him and told blu to get it together so they can win the huge trophy,blu agreed and got into focus.Azul told Eva and blu the trophy will be her's,Eva shouted to her "in your spix macaw dreams girlfriend! Yay!".After the third and final match,the judges checked the scores and Eva and blu's friends were worried about them and were hoping that Eva and blu would win the tournament and the trophy.After 30 seconds of checking the scores,the judges made their decision.One of the judges said "The winners of the hide and seek tournament are ...".Nico begged, "Please be Eva and blu please!".Pedro said, "Eva and blu! Come on! Come on!".Rafeal said, "Eva and blu!, Eva and blu!".Jewel said, "Pretty please Eva and blu! Come on!".Eva said, "Please for old Pete's sake,say Eva and blu! Say it! Say it!". The judge finally said "Eva and Blu win the tournament!".Eva,Blu,and their friends reacted in shock that Blu and Eva won the tournament.Eva shouted to blu,"Blu! We won the tournament! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!".All of Eva and Blu's friends said to them,"They won! They won! They won! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! Way to go guys!". The episode ends with Eva and blu receiving the trophy and Eva kisses blu on his beak, thanked him,and said,"Blu! You're my best friend in the whole,entire universe! Thanks a million! Blu!",and the crowd cheered for Eva and blu and the screen shades to black.