This is the sixth episode of Rio Guy. It is rated TV-PG-L.

Story Edit

You might not know this but Gabi has always loved monsters. She isn't attracted to them like birds, but she certainly thinks they're cool. Most of her time is spent watching monster movies, playing RPGs, making Spore creatures, going to haunted houses, and looking for Bigfoot. That right, she evens believes in Bigfoot! The truth is, half the reason she likes Nigel is how he looks like a Roc from Greek Mythology. One day Gabi decided she would take a Greek mythology class in her high school. The first day the teacher told her the story of Hercules fighting the Cyclops, while she was reading she wondered what it would be like to be a giant. After school, she saw some scientists named Adam and Jamie trying to turn Quagmire into Quagzilla. She walked up to them and asked,

"Could you turn me into a giant instead?"

"Sure, Quagmire's too creepy anyway!" Jamie said.

"What the hell, man? I thought you were going to turn me into a giant. Okay then, I'm gonna go to the bar and pick up some chicks," Quagmire said. Then he picked up a baby chicken and said

"See, giggity gig!"

Then Gabi sat in a chair and noticed herself getting bigger and bigger, until she was Godzilla sized. She was so big, her head couldn't fit through the building. The first thing she did was go to the Griffin house. Stewie was sick that day, so he was watching Arthur and eating Lois's chicken noodle soup. Then Meg walked in and he said,

"If you were on the show, you'd be D.W. Because your an annoying sister who gets on my last nerve,"

"Mom! Stewie's insulting me," Meg shouted.

Then Lois yelled,

"Stewie! Do NOT make fun of your sister, even though she's ugly!"

Then a giant Gabi tore off their roof and said,

"Hi guys. It's Gabizilla!"

"What the fu--, you know what I'm not gonna cuss, I'm just gonna pretend I'm not SUPER shocked that Gabi is bigger than our house," Stewie said.

Then Gabi rampaged through the city and even stepped on Nigel for breaking up with her. But then she realized that frogs shouldn't be dinosaur sized and went back to the labratory. She asked Adam and Jamie to turn her back to normal frog size. So they gave her a shot in her stomach, that made her turn back to normal. That night, Gabi hung out with poor little sick Stewie and read him his favorite bedtime story "Go the F!@$%^ To Sleep!".